AGCS Expert Days 2017

AGCS Expert Days 2017


The Allianz Center of Technology (AZT) regularly holds popular events called AGCS Expert Days, designed for the clients and brokers of AGCS around the world. The Expert Days are geared towards the insurance industry, providing a platform to exchange expertise on a particular topic by inviting AGCS speakers and various leading experts from the industrial, economic, scienctific industries.

The AGCS Expert Days on November 2 – 3, 2017 in Munich focused on new developments and challenges of "Green Energy". Experts not only from AGCS but also from research and industry all exchanged their ideas on the newest solar and wind energy technologies, energy transmission and energy storage.

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Dr. Tobias Haring, one of the speakers at the AGCS Expert Days 2017

Presentations Day 1 (Nov 2)

KEYNOTE: Energiewende 2030 - The Big Picture
Philip Godron, Agora Energiewende

Green Energy Initiative at AGCS
Chris van Gend, AGCS SE 

Weather Risk Solutions Supporting Green Energy Expansion
Karsten Berlage, Allianz Risk Transfer Inc.

Status and Perspectives of CSP Technology
Prof. Robert Pitz-Pal, Deutsches Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrt

Lessons Learned in Solar Thermal Power Plants (Underwriting Perspective)
Tomas Blas, Allianz Spain

Lessons Learned in Solar Thermal Power Plants (Technical Perspective)
Dr. Bernhard Persigehl, Allianz SE

Innovative Digital Workflows for Pre- and Postloss Assessment and Perfomance Management for PV Plants
Michael Blödner, E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH

Degradation and Resilience of Pre-Creacked PV-Modules
Dr. Claudia Buerhop-Lutz, Bayerisches Zentrum für Angewandte Energieforschung 

KEYNOTE: Black Swans - Resiliency of the Green Energy System
Dr. Almut Kirchner, Prognos AG

Presentations Day 2 (Nov 3) 

KEYNOTE: Risk and Opportunities in a Growing Offshore Wind Market
Bent Christensen, Siemens Gamesa

Investment and Operation Experience of Offshoe Wind Farms
Volker Malmen, DONG Energy Wind Power Germany GmbH

Offshore Code of Practice (Presentation)
Offshore CoC - Code of Practice - English version)
Harald Dimpflmaier, AGCS SE

Increasing Wind Farm Profitability with WINDcenter Services at STEAG
Dr. Christoph Guder, STEAG Energy Services GmbH

Lessons Learned with Offshore Windfarms I
Petrus Knollmüller, AGCS SE

Lessons Learned with Offshore Windfarms II
Dr. Thomas Griggel, AGCS SE

Lessons Learned with Converter Stations
Oliver Höck, AGCS SE

Grid Solutions for Wind Energy Transmission - the Concept of the North Sea Wind Power Hub
Maarten Dirkes, TenneT Holding B.V.

Energy Storage - Technologies and Applications
Dr. Andreas Hauer, Bundesverband Energiespeicher

How to Support a Green Energy Future? A Transformer Manufacturer Perspective
Dr. Tobias Haring, Agustin Tenorio Bilbao, Siemens AG



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