AGCS attends and hosts a wide range of professional events, conferences and seminars in our key markets. Here you can view them all worldwide.

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AGCS to host Innovation Roundtable workshops on June 20 and 21, 2017.
20 June 2017

As a part of our broader commitment to innovation, AGCS is a member of the Innovation Roundtable, and will lead two day long workshops on June 20 and 21.

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    Liability Fachforum 2014
    14 May 2014

    Das neue Produkt "Global Product Protect" sowie der brasilianische Versicherungsmarkt waren die Schwerpunkte des Liability Fachforums 2014.

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    AGCS’s expertise at Overseas Project Workshop
    20 February 2014

    Japan hosted an Overseas Project Workshop attended by 80 participants from major partner companies and key client to showcase AGCS expertise in the areas of Engineering, Heavy Industry, Manufacturing, Chemical Industry and Oil & Gas.

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    AGCS Japan: Japan Tackles Rise in Cyber Risks
    27 November 2013

    Clients and brokers were given an insight into parallels between Japan and Germany, where the IT landscape and dependency is equally developed but concepts for protecting government institutions and corporations against cyber attacks are needed.

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    Canada RIMS 2013
    06 October 2013

    The Canadian RIMS 2013 will take place from October 6 to 9, 2013 in Victoria, British Columbia.

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    AGCS hosts an evening with Stephen Hawking
    02 May 2013

    AGCS hosted an evening at the Royal Institution of Great Britain with acclaimed scientist Stephen Hawking.

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