AGCS attends and hosts a wide range of professional events, conferences and seminars in our key markets. Here you can view them all worldwide.

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AGCS to host Innovation Roundtable workshops on June 20 and 21, 2017.
20 June 2017

As a part of our broader commitment to innovation, AGCS is a member of the Innovation Roundtable, and will lead two day long workshops on June 20 and 21.

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    AGCS Liability Fachforum 2017
    15 May 2017

    Vom 15.-19.Mai fand das AGCS Liability Fachforum statt. Es ging um die regionale Auswirkung von Schadenereignissen und um Compliance-Aspekte bei der IVP-Gestaltung.

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    Cyber insurance Conference in Moscow was held on November 02 2016
    02 November 2016

    How well is your company protected? We have conducted a survey among our clients and will share interesting trends and misconceptions.

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    Die Zukunft im Blick: das Property Fachforum 2016
    06 October 2016

    Das Fachforum Property erwartete seine Gäste am 6. Oktober in Frankfurt wieder mit einem breitgefächerten Programm.

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    AGCS Liability Fachforum 2016
    13 June 2016

    „Viel Zeit für den Dialog…“ das ist eines der Ziele, die die AGCS bei all ihren Veranstaltungen für Kunden und Makler verfolgt.

  • /assets/Global%20offices%20assets/United%20States/Events/RIMS2016_106x70.jpg
    RIMS’16 'Go Beyond' - AGCS was part of it
    13 April 2016

    AGCS used it’s time at the annual RIMS Conference, held in San Diego, USA, from April 10-13, to promote their expertise across multiple areas.

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