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How Cyber Risks Affect Directors and Officers with Emy Donavan

While cyber risks and exposures continue to threaten businesses, senior
managers find themselves in the line of fire.  Emy Donavan, Head of Cyber
North America, discusses how companies can protect themselves from cyber
threats in this new AGCS Podcast, released in compliment to the recently
published report,  "D&O Insurance Insights - Management Liability Today:
What Executives Need to Know." Download the full report on our website here.

D&O Insurance Insights - Featuring AGCS Head of Cyber, North America: Emy Donavan

Table of Contents:

01:09 - 03:34    D&O insurance and cyber exposures to companies
03:34 - 08:29    Regulatory issues and aftermath of a breach
08:29 - 10:47    Staying ahead of hackers: Risk tips
10:47 - 14:00    DHS activities (US only)