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    Businesses face disruptive forces
    28 July 2016

    The effects of globalization, digitalization and technological disruption pose fundamental challenges to many businesses

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    G20 Nations Jeopardize Energy Transition
    03 June 2016

    The G20 nations are at risk of falling short of the climate goals they set in Paris in December 2015.

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    AGCS Africa develops insurance experts
    03 June 2016

    Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) Africa is preparing young graduates into corporate and industrial insurance experts through a program, which saw Chivaan Pillay and Ryan Brown appointed as underwriting assistants.

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    Insurers critical in reviving SA economy
    03 June 2016

    Insurance companies operating in South Africa have a critical role to play in protecting the current and future public-private projects aimed at reviving the South African economy.

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    What can insurers do to revitalize the economy?
    03 June 2016

    The South African economy is going through difficult times at the moment. The insurance sector plays a critical role in protecting and safeguarding individuals and businesses in the country.

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