Short Tail - Property/Engineering/Energy


Please send your notification to the claims manager for the respective line of business. The contact details can be located on the claims contact sheet.

When submitting your notification please provide as much information as possible, depending on the circumstances we appreciate it may not be possible to provide all of the information in the first instance however we have provided a list of relevant particulars.

  • Policy Details, Reference and Policy Period
  • Date and time of occurrence
  • Address of situation
  • Description of damage/ cause of loss
  • Photographic evidence where possible
  • Potential estimate of loss
  • For burglary, theft and/or malicious damage claims please advise if the police have been informed and advise a police report reference if received
  • Insured contact details so we can arrange for a loss adjuster to attend site, if required
  • Please continue to mitigate your loss and record all activities and costs incurred in respect of your mitigation activities and the loss in general
  • If you consider a third party to be responsible for the loss please provide us with their contact details and state why
  • If you hold any other insurances which may respond for this loss please provide us with the details of the other policies
  • We will require evidence of ownership and original value so please arrange for this to be available
  • Australian Business Number (ABN) and percentage you are entitled to claim as an Input Tax Credit
  • We will request further information from you, as required, to allow us to continue with our investigations into your claim