Long Tail - Financial Lines


Please send your notification to the claims manager for the respective line of business. The contact details can be located on the claims contact sheet.

When submitting your notification please provide as much information as possible, depending on the circumstances we appreciate it may not be possible to provide all of the information in the first instance however we have provided a list of relevant particulars.

  • Policy Details, Reference and Policy Period;
  • Full name of individuals and/ or insured entities who are claiming under the policy;
  • The position held by the individual/s with the insured entity;
  • A chronology of events and/or brief summary of the background to the claim. Date allegations were first made, nature of allegations, any response made by the Insured to the allegations.
  • If a letter of demand has been received, please include a copy.
  • If any other court documents have been received please provide us with a copy.
  • Potential estimate of loss;
  • We will request further information from you, as required, to allow us to continue with our investigations into your claim.