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Events across Japan

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    AGCS’s expertise at Overseas Project Workshop
    20 February 2014

    Japan hosted an Overseas Project Workshop attended by 80 participants from major partner companies and key client to showcase AGCS expertise in the areas of Engineering, Heavy Industry, Manufacturing, Chemical Industry and Oil & Gas.

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    AGCS Japan: Japan Tackles Rise in Cyber Risks
    27 November 2013

    Clients and brokers were given an insight into parallels between Japan and Germany, where the IT landscape and dependency is equally developed but concepts for protecting government institutions and corporations against cyber attacks are needed.

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    20th Anniversary of Allianz in Japan
    30 November 2010

    Allianz Fire & Marine Insurance Japan Ltd. (AGCS Japan) organized a celebration on the occasion on 20 years Allianz in Japan at the German ambassador’s residence in Tokyo on November 30th 2010.