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Risk Consultant

Who are we?

We are a team of almost 300 risk consulting experts located around the globe. Most of us have an engineering background with expertise in specific industrial areas. As our services are generally related to risk management, we apply this knowledge to the overall business needs as it relates to the areas of insurance.

Among us are individuals with various technical backgrounds: fire protection chemical, civil  electrical, environmental, and petrochemical engineers, master mariners, experts for liability, safety and  scientific consultants and accountants who specialize in fields such as power and utilities, chemical and pharmaceuticals, mining, property, oil, gas and related energy, farm and ranch, entertainment and aviation. We work closely with our clients in order to deliver the best possible solutions to manage, control and reduce their risks. We are also monitoring emerging risks such as nanotechnology and terrorism in order to estimate the future development of such risks and their impact on our clients.  

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What are we responsible for?

Allianz Risk Consulting offers a wide variety of services. Our core responsibility is to evaluate the technical risks, their potential for improvement and to identify resulting exposures.

The assessment of these technical risks is an essential step in the underwriting process. Our experts provide this information to our underwriters and clients along with the best practice recommendations.

What do we do?

Our global clients come from all industrial sectors, including automotive, construction and civil engineering, onshore and offshore energy, logistics and transportation. Clients often face numerous exposures such as physical hazards, natural catastrophe events and challenging operational  risks together with a variety of liability exposures.

Our daily job is to:

  • capture and evaluate risk data and information for multiple types of operations
  • transform these data into risk quality parameters using best practice techniques
  • provide recommendations outlining solutions to help mitigate or eliminate their overall risk exposures

In order to obtain the necessary information we:

  • conduct site surveys and carry out desk top reviews in order to produce valuable reports for clients and our underwriters
  • interview site management and risk management personnel to understand the overall  business needs of each client and how our knowledge can best assist overall operational needs.

We feed the data into our global risk assessment tools to ensure a consistent evaluation and rating of the information. We can then benchmark risks throughout all industrial sectors.