Job Profiles



Who are we?

We are part of the Chief Operating Officer’s (COO) team, which is led by Sinéad Browne, COO and Board Member of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE.

Based out of nine main international locations, we’re a multi-disciplinary team with a wide variety of backgrounds: many have trained as insurance professionals, while others have expertise in project, people and change management, real estate and facilities, business analysis and finance. Meet one of our operations specialists.

This broad knowledge base is essential to our role, as we drive many different aspects of operational change and performance at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty.

What are we responsible for?

Operations is the engine room of our company. It's where the work is done to put clients on cover, to administer their policies, to manage our international insurance solutions network and to produce information to support decision making throughout the company. In fact, we provide administrative support for a substantial, and increasing, share of our business processes.

Operations is also the area that's responsible for ensuring we provide the right workplace environment, ensuring that it supports a culture of innovation, service development and continuous advancement

What do we do?

Operations has two key priorities: effectiveness and efficiency. We work to these priorities every day and in all the things we do. This ensures we deliver on our service promises to our customers. These priorities also underpin activities in our five core teams:

1. Global Clients and Regional insurance operations teams are responsible for coordination, communication and control of all operational activities across all lines of business, as well as running operational initiatives to support and improve our business. Our job is to administer client and broker accounts, delivering efficient administration of our clients’ policies.

2. Global Real Estate and Operational Support (REOS) team is responsible for all AGCS office locations, and operational / workplace support services. Our objective is to create a high quality office environment for our colleagues whilst minimizing premises costs by means of global move projects.

3. Global Operations Governance is a team driving operational improvements, both incremental and transformational, across the company. We work closely with colleagues to initiate and run projects that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations.

4. Global Procurement team negotiates, administers vendor contracts and service agreements. The work works with the group and other cross functional areas to leverage Allianz’ purchasing power.

5. Global Business Continuity Management focuses upon sustaining the ability of AGCS to continue to deliver services in the event of a serious interruption to our business operation. Further, it allows Allianz to avoid financial loss, regulatory fines, loss of market share, it reduces our exposure to civil liability, maintains compliance with government agencies and provides security to our staff. Overall it enhances the company image with clients and vendors in ensuring our services will always be available no matter what.