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Claims Adjuster

Who are we?

The claims team at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty consists of more than 250 experts in worldwide locations. We’re a diverse group which includes engineers, lawyers, para-legals and specialists such as master mariners or pilots, as well as technical insurance professionals.

We’re also an experienced team, with an average technical claims experience of more than 10 years, but that doesn’t mean we’re not open to talent with high potential for the future.

Our common thread is that we focus exclusively on managing industrial, corporate and specialty claims on a global basis.

This calls for strong negotiation skills and technical insight into the risks we manage, as well as a truly client-orientated mindset.

Of course, analytical and decision-making skills plus a solid understanding of the legal and insurance conventions are core parts of the role.

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What are we responsible for?

Claims is truly at the sharp end of our business. We are involved at the ‘moment of truth’ for the client, when our service can make all the difference to their business.

So we ensure that claims are reviewed and settled promptly and efficiently. Not always easy with the complex and sensitive risks which we focus on, which might range from an environmental liability claim to an aircraft crash, or even a major natural catastrophe such as an earthquake – which could be anywhere in the world.

What do we do?

This involves working with the client, the broker and other professionals to review and evaluate the loss, and to calculate the relevant settlement as fast as possible.

Key activities might include reviewing of policy coverage and liaison with underwriters on policy terms and conditions, as well as working with loss adjusters and brokers to quantify claims payments. We also work with our clients and their advisors to establish claims management procedures on new business accounts, so that we are prepared in the event of a loss.

And we’re busy, so our team get plenty of exposure to major claims: for example, in 2009, we settled over 200 claims in excess of €1 million as well as 75,000 new claims, of which a significant number were handled cross-border.