Working at AGCS

Job Profiles

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    Actuarial work is about analyzing financial risk under mathematical and statistical models. Find out how AGCS Actuarial works.

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    Claims Adjuster

    Of course claims is an essential part of the insurance business - see how it actually is the business card of AGCS

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    Communications is a broad field but what skills are essential to work in this area at AGCS?

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    Are you thinking of working in finance? Learn more about what AGCS 600 finance employees are engaged in on a daily basis - from accounting to corporate finance.

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    Key Account Manager

    A key account manager is the first point of contact for our clients- what does that mean?

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    Operations can stand for lots of things. Different companies organize their processes differently. What does Operations do at AGCS?

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    Organization and Business Transformation

    We are the trusted partner of AGCS in the delivery of business change. We design business architecture, manage strategic and IT delivery projects and drive innovative solutions for our customers.

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    Risk Consultant

    The insurance business is all about evaluating risks, and Risk Consultants are at the heart of this process. But exactly what role do these specialists play?

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    Risk Management

    The AGCS Risk Management unit is complex and diverse in terms of the types of risks it deals with. Find out more about our approach to risk management and what it means in practice.

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    Our underwriting teams are specialists in the analysis and evaluation of risk: matching our coverage to the needs of our clients, reviewing risk exposures and setting the premium that is charged to insure each risk.