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Meet Damon from Risk Consulting Marine

AGCS US (Boston/New York City)

Damon Finneran

What makes AGCS different from other insurers and why did you choose to apply here?

After my job search I was fortunate to have had two offers that were both great opportunities for me. One of the things that made the AGCS position most attractive to me was to have the opportunity work with my manager, who is a person that I can learn a great deal from. Another intriguing aspect was my current job being a global position that allows me to help out AGCS underwriters and assureds worldwide based on my previous experience with cargo security, hi-tech and life science loss prevention efforts.

What was your first day at AGCS like? Any specific moments that you remember?

I do not think my first day was typical at all. When I accepted the offer my manager’s words were: “Welcome aboard”, and in the same breath he put me to work immediately on a problematic cell phone account that needed some help in preventing losses as soon as possible.

What do you like best about working at AGCS?

The thing I like best about working at AGCS is the transient / global nature of my work that gives me the opportunity to work to my strengths as a loss prevention person supporting the needs of underwriters and assureds almost any place at any time.

What does a typical working day in your current role entail?

I do not have what would be considered a typical working day. I work from home and am available to underwriters, assureds and other members of the AGCS loss prevention team at almost any time. As a group the members of the AGCS loss prevention team can be in the office one day and on airplanes the next day: many times your work life and personal life get intertwined and at times blurry.

Can you describe your job in three sentences?

I find my job to be intellectually stimulating, personally challenging and I must admit a little scary at times.

What was your biggest achievement at AGCS so far?

I would have to say that my biggest achievement so far at AGCS was to be part of the underwriting, claims and loss prevention team that acquired a substantial sized new business life science account

Can you describe the most challenging situation that you have faced in this company?

Travelling to Mexico to do a security and handling evaluation for goods in transit and also public speaking on a few occasions.