Meet our People

Meet Andreas from Market Management

AGCS Austria

How did you hear about AGCS?

Already when I started working at Allianz about 10 years ago AGCS (or one of its predecessors called Allianz Global Risks) was known as the industrial insurer of Allianz.

What makes AGCS different from other insurers/companies and why did you choose to apply here?

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty is a really global company and the industry insurance is very unique. We are able to offer tailor-made products internationally - this is very exciting and different from a lot of other insurers.

What do you like best about working at AGCS?

I really like the diversity with regards to the working atmosphere and especially the people.

What did a typical working day in your previous role (as an executive assistant) entail?

We usually engage in intense discussions with lots of people (both internally and externally), preparing everything for my boss (the Head of the Region Germany and Central Europe). As you can imaging there is not one single day that is like the previous one.

Can you describe your job in three words?

Exciting, challenging, diversified.

What was your biggest achievement at AGCS so far?

During my time abroad in the United Arab Emirates: negotiating in Dubai with clients and finally winning the target account was a great achievement. There is a lot of bargaining involved and negotiations are sometimes extremely difficult.

Can you describe the most challenging situation that you have faced in this company?

There was one day where I had to give a presentation to a client about a topic that I was not very familiar with and no expert engineer was available. The topic was "typical claims at a mixer for asphalt from an engineering perspective" – I am not an engineer, I am economist and underwriter – nevertheless, everything went well as I was well prepared with some detailed background research. My presentation was successful and the client was quite happy.

What role does the global structure at AGCS play in your every day job?

The global structure is at the "heart" of AGCS, so it plays a very important role in my every day job.