Meet our people at AGCS

Over 72 nationalities work at AGCS. Meet some of our colleagues here and find out more about what it's like to work with us.

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    Meet Ali from Catastrophe Risk Research

    “At AGCS we interact with each other on a global scale. In my department we act as internal consultants to the business and the underwriters.”

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    Meet Andreas from Market Management

    "We are able to offer tailor made products internationally- this is very exciting and different from a lot of other insurers."

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    Meet Damon from Risk Consulting Marine

    "I find my job to be intellectually stimulating, personally challenging and I must admit a little scary at times."

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    Meet Julia from Operations

    "AGCS really takes the time to maintain the lines of communication with all departments."

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    Meet Maximilian from Risk Consulting

    “There are two types of days for me at AGCS: days spent at my desk and days spent travelling to the site.”

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    Meet Michael from Inland Marine

    "Despite being success-oriented and results-driven; the company is very focused on its employees maintaining a healthy work-life balance."

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    Meet Michelle from Casualty Management

    "...a very dynamic environment which drives our motivation and offers a lot of opportunities for us."

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    Meet Pavel from Engineering

    "I appreciate all the opportunities I have within Allianz in terms of training and global cooperation with underwriters and risk consultants."

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    Meet Sarah from HR

    "Coming from New Zealand I felt at home in the global team from the first day."