Learning & Development

Underwriting Academy at AGCS

AGCS Underwriting Academy (UWA) runs a training program for AGCS staff worldwide so that our underwriters and staff can maintain and develop their market-leading expertise considering the more increasingly complex global underwriting environment which requires continual professional development to address emerging risks, growing natural catastrophe claims and other new challenges.


Participants of the UW Academy Financial Lines School.

On August the 1st 2012, the AGCS Board of Management has announced the creation of the UW Academy, which aims to developing continuing excellence in underwriting and related skills across AGCS worldwide.

The new Unit, cooperate together with the different Lines of Business (LoB) Heads and Global Human Resources.

By attending an UWA technical training course participants make the first of three steps towards achieving an UW Academy “Qualification” – an internal certification/ recognition of technical underwriting skill development.

Each Line of Business (Energy, Financial Lines, Liability, etc.) offers training via the UWA to strengthen the technical skills that are necessary for an underwriter to do their job well. There are different stages of technical training aligned to the job descriptions so the training is tailored to the needs Underwriters or staff, who have different complexity and requirements demanded in their daily work.

Key Facts: The UW Academy offered during the last 2 years

  • 16 technical training courses for 7 Lines of Businesses
  • 40 webinar trainings about complementary skills (e.g. actuarial, claims, legal and compliance) to help the underwriters collaborate even better with other AGCS departments
  • Over 250 people got trained
  • 45 underwriters received internal “Qualification” for their LoBs

Senior support for the UWA program

"The Underwriting Academy plays a vital role not only for the development of our next generation of underwriters, but also to set a market standard with our certification and high level of expertise and excellence. Our focus is to make sure that all our technical excellence is built to serve one purpose – the client! Our current underwriters take the chance to share their knowledge and bond within the underwriting community. We will be ready for the future." (Hartmut Mai, Chief Underwriting Officer Corporate Lines)

Feedback from UWA participant

“I wanted to learn and strengthen my knowledge on Liability underwriting, risk analysis and on policy wordings. After the entire course, not only were my expectations met, but I gained much more insight on other aspects of Liability underwriting. The quality of the content, the dedication and the experience displayed by the presenters helped me get more out of the experience than I could have anticipated.” (Liability School participant)

Commitment to ongoing development of staff, especially technical skills important to our customers, is a priority for AGCS and a key benefit to people considering an opportunity with our company. The Underwriting Academy provides their employees the tools they need to become their best.