Learning & Development

AGCS North America Associate Program

What is the program about and who is eligible to participate?

The AGCS North America Associate Program provides accelerated training for professionals early in their career to enter functions such as Underwriting and Claims.

Target participants are recent college graduates and recently promoted AGCS employees with limited insurance experience. Participants come together three times per year over the course of four months for classroom lectures and training  at our offices in New York, Chicago and St. Louis. After this classroom training they continue to develop in their roles with the guidance of their managers. 

Features and Benefits of the program

High-level training is delivered by the Executive Management Team and Senior Leaders from each Line of Business and function. The goal of the program to is provide the participants with an understanding of the AGCS business model and culture.

An important feature of the program is the opportunity for the participants to network with other associates and a multitude of key business contacts and partners. Additional activities are added into the program such as hearing from client guest speakers, visiting clients, working on case studies and completing self-management and personal development workshops. 

A notable “perk” of the program is that each Associate is aligned with a Mentor from the Executive or Senior Leadership team.  A one year commitment is made between Associate and Leader, but most often these relationships grow and last well beyond one year!  In 2015 an Alumni group was established and those “alumni” took on the role of “buddy” to the new Associates. As “buddies”, former Associates provide a much appreciated support mechanism as the new Associates immerse themselves at AGCS.

Latest Associate Program

Each Associate’s journey began in the first half of the year when they were new joiners to AGCS or selected internally for the program. While each person’s path/experience is unique, most Associates will “graduate” from the program in between 12 and 14 months (depending on function and specialization) and move into the next level as an Underwriter or into other positions.

In 2015, 23 Associates made up the class. More than 55 Executives and Senior Leaders have presented topics to the Associates!