Diversity at AGCS

What diversity means to AGCS

It is widely recognized that diverse organizations can enhance business performance and customer service. Diversity is a source of competitive advantage and provides a key differentiator for employees and employers. At AGCS we have long recognized the benefits of having a diverse workforce, going beyond the most commonly-known attributes of diversity– gender and internationality. For us diversity also includes such critical aspects as mixed ability, work/life balance, careers and inter-generational integration (generations). To support the promotion of these six elements, we have established regional councils whose mission is to translate our core diversity elements into specific programs across the globe.

As a global company, we cannot afford to ignore the benefits of having a truly diverse working culture. At AGCS we recognize that diversity is not a project, but a journey, which requires behavioral change. Only then we will be truly able to embrace our differences and capitalize on them for our long-term success.

                   Career Development

By developing our employees, we create an environment where people are valued. Career development is a source of advancement, recognition and professional fulfilment, allowing employees to enhance their skills and experience. Valuing our people for the varied perspectives and approaches they bring to the business and valuing their differences will empower employees and create higher value for our clients.


                   Mixed Ability

Disability affects one in every three individuals worldwide. It is our aim to foster an understanding that all of us have a range of abilities and at times, disabilities, both long-term and temporary. At AGCS we run a number of programs focused on educating our people about disability and raising awareness of non-visible disabilities as well as looking at specific improvements of working conditions for employees with a disability.



The Allianz Group is committed to attracting, retaining and advancing the women who work with us and we have created programs to support our women in their career development and progression. We launched the Women's Sponsorship Program to promote greater job exposure and visibility, while providing advice, support and backing for further career opportunities. The VIVE (Vulnerability, Intuition, Variation and Energy) program
                        aims at preparing upcoming female leaders to take greater
                        control over their careers by identifying clear, practical and
                        realistic steps. At AGCS over 30% of our leadership positions
                        are held by women.



Generation Y, generation X, baby boomers… At AGCS, the generational mix is equally split across each group. We recognize that each generation brings its own set of expertise and know-how and contributes to our collective success. To effectively harness, manage and engage the generational mix, we have set up both traditional mentoring and reverse mentoring programs to leverage on the strengths and expertise of our



Our business is ever-more global and the need for a diverse team that reflects the regions and cultures in which we operate is essential. We run a number of programs aimed at further developing our workforce through mobility programs amongst other initiatives. By supporting our people to broaden their international mind-set, we give our clients a truly global service and offer our people the opportunity to maximize their potential.


                   Work Life Balance

Providing our people with the flexibility required to meet their personal and professional goals is an on-going focus. A flexible professional can adapt to or accommodate change, while a flexible organization can change direction quickly. Our flexible working offering enables our employees to better attend to their personal and family needs. Such initiatives include maternity and paternity leave as well as the provision of child-care facilities and programs such as “Go Flexible,” which enables our executives to
                       use flexible work solutions.

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