Diversity at AGCS

Diversity of Minds: Reverse Mentoring Program

With a focus on knowledge sharing in the field of social media, the Reverse Mentoring initiative was successfully launched in the Mediterranean region this June.   

At Allianz Global Corporate Specialty we value our diverse teams and knowledge that each team member brings to the table. At AGCS we believe in an open exchange of expertise between senior and junior members of the team. This philosophy prompted the establishment the Reverse Mentoring Program, which was successfully launched in the Mediterranean region this summer.

The concept behind the reverse mentoring initiative is to pair senior leaders with younger employees who can train and mentor them on the topics on various topics, allowing our senior professionals to develop and sharpen their skills in that specific area. Reverse Mentoring is a two-way flow of learning as it also provides the mentor with the opportunity to learn from a seasoned business leaders. Sharing knowledge with a different generation increases multigenerational engagement and ultimately closes the knowledge gap for both the mentee and the mentor.  

Patrick Thiels, the CEO of the Mediterranean Region, and Massimiliano Colombo, the Head of the AGCS Underwriting Academy, were amongst the first volunteers to participate in the program. Mentored by Jessica Pilon, an Internal Communications Officer for the Mediterranean region, the participants had a chance to learn about the variety of social media channels and how to engage with stakeholders using the AGCS existing social media accounts, namely LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.


Massimiliano Colombo, Jessica Pilon, Patrick Thiels

The program generated much positive feedback from the participants who now see tangible benefits of this type of inter-generational learning that can easily can happen within AGCS. “The program made me realize that there is a real knowledge transfer that can take place across generations; I am now a strong believer in the benefits of having a young mentor!” stated Patrick Thiels after the session. Next reverse mentoring initiatives are planned for autumn and will involve social media trainings for the regional executive team and Human Resource members.