Diversity at AGCS

Proud Sponsor of Dive In

AGCS is proud to sponsor Dive In, the international diversity and inclusion festival for the insurance industry, joining various other insurance carriers to support, host and run this popular festival.  This is the third edition of the festival, which has been growing in strength from year to year.

Dive In Event

Taking place from 26 to 28 September, the theme for this year's festival is Diversity Dividend which will connect the festival content to the business case for diversity and inclusion to drive productivity and innovation in the industry. 32 locations across the globe will be marking this year's festival at the same time.

This year, Dive In participants will discuss mental health, multi-culturalism, families and carers, multi-generational workplaces, LGBT, gender progression and workability. From the importance of diversity in global business to caring for ageing parents, there is something for everyone.

Events are free and open to everyone at all levels in the insurance industry. You can register by downloading the app for iPhone or Android or visiting the website.

Dive In Festival