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Your application



We are delighted that you are interested in Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty. Here you can find out what happens with your application:


  1. 1.    We have received your application!

  • Cover letter
  • Convincing CV
  • Your last two school certificates and/or your Abitur certificate
  • Evidence of any internships, if applicable
  • Other evidential documents (internships, international experience, letter of recommendation etc.)
  1. 2.    Completion of the Online Assessment Center

We will send you a link to our Online Assessment Center, where you will complete a test made up of various components. Here you can get an idea of what Allianz is like as an employer, so you can gain a first impression.

  1. 3.    We will take a close look at your application

Your knowledge and experience, as well as your results in the Online Assessment Center, will be compared with the profile requirements.

If your profile meets our expectations, we will finally get to meet you!

  1. 4.    This is what you can expect at our applicants' day:

You will have the opportunity to impress us as an employer in person. In return, we hope to impress you with presentations about the different fields of our business as well as a chance to find out more from some of our colleagues and students on a dual course of study.

Interactive exercises will help us get a more accurate idea of what you are like. Together, we can decide if we can see ourselves working together in the future.

  1. 5.    We offer you a contract

If we both win each other over, we will write you a contract and send it to you straight away so that we can start our new future together! #Homeforthosewhodare

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