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Your profile

  • By the beginning of the degree program you will already have your Abitur (German university entrance qualification) or a subject-linked university entrance qualification and preferably also some initial work experience?
  • Do you want to gather some practical experience alongside your studies?
  • Do you enjoy solving mathematical problems, ideally, already having some knowledge of the economy?
  • Are your German and English skills particularly good?
  • Do you can see yourself making a career working for an insurance and financial services provider?
  • Are you both open-minded when it comes to cultural and international issues, as well as communicative and forthright?
  • Do your strengths include working independently, grasping new concepts quickly and having a strong sense of responsibility?
  • Are you willing and ready to travel and can work flexibly at various locations?
  • You enjoy working on international issues with colleagues from around the globe?

Then dare to drive your own development!

We will guide you along this exciting journey, helping you to navigate your way through the theoretical and practical aspects of the industrial insurance maze.


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