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Your dual study course

The degree is split into blocks of three months – alternating between theoretical and practical stages:

1) Theoretical stages

  • Three-year degree, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts
  • Degree in Business Administration/Industrial Insurance at the Berlin School of Economics and Law
  • Important areas of study: general and more detailed business administration studies (foundations of insurance business, insurance marketing, etc.), industrial insurance, methodical expertise module, e.g. teaching you about presentation techniques

2) Practical stages

During the practical stage you will spend time in various departments getting to know the processes and procedures involved in our international insurance business for industrial clients and collaborating on fascinating projects. We'd love to see you working under your own initiative #Homeforthosewhodare


Main tasks:

  • Getting to know the processes involved in industrial insurance, such as policy and claims processing
  • Contributing to customer meetings and inspections of customers' premises
  • Actively supporting the day-to-day work of various departments, taking the example of underwriting: Annual Report analyses, carrying out research, creating risk analysis worksheets, calculating premiums and drawing up proposals for new policies and policy renewals
  • Building a network of contacts in the company after working in various departments
  • Working in different locations across the whole of Germany with many opportunities for travel (offices in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Cologne)


Check out the job profiles to get an idea of how it is to work in Underwriting or Claims.

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