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Allianz pioneers blockchain prototype for the captive insurance market
08 November 2017

AGCS has successfully implemented a blockchain prototype for an existing global captive insurance program of a client.

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    Allianz report: Failure to manage natural resources brings increasing interruption and liability risks for businesses
    12 June 2018

    AGCS publishes a unique Business Sector Analysis of Natural Capital Risk.

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    Hurricane Katrina 10 years on: lessons learned and new risks for businesses
    18 August 2015

    A new AGCS risk bulletin analyzes windstorm risks and lessons learned from Katrina for future global windstorm loss mitigation.

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    The rise of the billion-dollar building: new heights, new challenges
    16 September 2014

    Supertall Buildings - How the world’s tallest buildings have grown.

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    Risk Barometer 2013
    28 January 2013

    Business interruptions, natural disasters and fire are the top risks for global companies

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    Business interruption: an invisible threat that causes very visible losses
    07 November 2012

    Modern supply chains are flexible and cost-efficient, but also vulnerable to disruptions. A new AGCS report explores how businesses and insurers are re-examining their exposures to business interruption and supply chain risk.