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Safety and Shipping Review 2017
19 June 2017

This review focuses on key developments in maritime safety and analyzes shipping losses.

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    Fire in a Finished Products Warehouse
    23 December 2015

    This Risk Bulletin examines the loss from a fire in a finished products warehouse and sets forth reminders and learnings on preventative measures.

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    Not All Sprinkler Systems Are Created Equal
    23 December 2015

    This risk bulletin focuses on the different types of sprinkler systems available and their advantages and disadvantages for commercial properties.

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    Supervision of Contractors
    23 December 2015

    Allianz Risk Bulletin on the importance of the supervision of contractors in the shipping industry and how to best go about it.

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    Fire in living quarters at a renovation work site
    23 December 2015

    This bulletin reviews the circumstances of the fire and how the loss was contained, with particular reference to future action that can be taken to minimize the risk of a similar accident occuring.

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    A smoky warning: fire risk
    21 December 2015

    Risk Bulletin: A fire starting in the raw materials storage area spreads due to the highly combustible load and existing sprinklers being out of operation. What we can learn from this case.

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