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Allianz Risk Barometer 2017
11 January 2017

The sixth annual Allianz Risk Barometer identifies the top risks facing businesses in 2017, based on the responses of risk experts around the world.

  • /assets/Thumbnails/Non-People%20Thumbnails/High_Tech_Theft_Thumbnail.jpg
    Global Cargo High-Tech Theft - A Case Study
    21 December 2015

    Case Study: how a large multinational, and Marine Risk Consulting, cut cargo theft by two-thirds in two-years

  • /assets/Thumbnails/Non-People%20Thumbnails/Fire_Safety_Thumbnail.jpg
    Fire Safety in Shipyards and Lay-by Berths
    21 December 2015

    Risk bulletin; fire safety when ships are in dry-docks for repair is equally as important as when they are at sea

  • /assets/Thumbnails/Non-People%20Thumbnails/ECM_Thumbnail.jpg
    Engineering Change Management
    21 December 2015

    Risk bulletin; Ship Engineers must manage change, as they cope with new rules, regulations and technologies

  • /assets/Thumbnails/Non-People%20Thumbnails/Elect_Standards_Thumbnail.jpg
    Electrical Standards on Ships
    21 December 2015

    Risk bulletin; protecting electrical systems on ships - best practices for owners, managers and supervisors

  • /assets/Thumbnails/Non-People%20Thumbnails/Dry_Docking_Safety_Thumbnail.jpg
    Dry-Docking Safety
    21 December 2015

    Risk bulletin; When a ship is in dry-dock for repair, dangers still lurk, even during a period of apparent "rest"

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