Join our AGCS experts as they discuss changing risk landscapes and new trends in our AGCS podcasts.

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    Product Recall: Managing the Impact of the New Risk Landscape
    06 December 2017

    Christof Bentele discusses product recall risks and potential insurance solutions.

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    Danger on the High Seas: Cyber Risks
    03 November 2017

    Capt. Andrew Kinsey discusses how cyber risks are impacting the shipping industry.

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    Risk Barometer 2017: Business Interruption
    27 February 2017

    The increasing incidence and uncertainty of non-physical damage business interruption.

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    How Cyber Risks Affect Directors and Officers with Emy Donavan
    04 January 2017

    A conversation with Emy Donavan, Head of Cyber, AGCS North America, on the volatile world of D&O.

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    Rise of the Drones
    25 October 2016

    James Van Meter, AGCS’ drone expert, discusses the intricacies of the growing market and the evolving utilization of drones.