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Editor’s pick
Smart factories of the future
13 May 2016

As the “Internet of Things” (“IoT”) evolves, tomorrow’s factories will look much different from today’s.

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    Global Risk Dialogue - Autumn 2014
    24 November 2014

    The autumn issue of AGCS’s Global Risk Dialogue magazine explores some of the unique risk management issues encountered managing “the four elements” – earth, fire, water and air.

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    Global Risk Dialogue - Spring 2014
    25 April 2014

    The world's tallest building. The largest-ever solar thermal plant. The removal of the Costa Concordia wreck. All are unique projects. Risk management has a vital role to play in their success.

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    Global Risk Dialogue - Autumn 2013
    18 April 2014

    Networks play a critical role in our lives. The increasingly important function of networks, and our dependency on them, is growing more and more apparent - and insurance is at the heart of it all, acting as an enabler.

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    Global Risk Dialogue - Spring 2013
    18 April 2014

    Infrastructure: Transforming the world. Infrastructure development is critical to support social progress and economic growth. The insurance industry supports these enormous investments as risk consultants and risk carrier.

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    Global Risk Dialogue - Spring 2012
    27 March 2012

    New technologies, growing digitalization and complex interdependencies in a global economy are presenting huge risk challenges. Which risks are currently underrated by most companies?

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