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"Global Risk Dialogue" magazine, with news and views from the broad field of corporate risk, appears twice a year.

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Editor’s pick
Smart factories of the future
13 May 2016

As the “Internet of Things” (“IoT”) evolves, tomorrow’s factories will look much different from today’s.

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    "Global Risk Dialogue" fall 2009
    20 October 2009

    New insights on nanotechnology and inherent defects insurance. Featuring an interview with AGCS supervisory board chairman Clement Booth. Also looking at clinical trials liability, D&O in Central & Eastern Europe and a marine claim in France.

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    "Global Risk Dialogue" spring 2009
    24 April 2009

    A strong focus on piracy. This edition also had stories on space weather, continuity management and reinsurance counterparty risk. In addition it described the world's largest gas turbine.

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    "Global Risk Dialogue" fall 2008
    23 October 2008

    The industry sectors space and brownwater transport are the focus here. We also feature a client, fashion giant Inditex. And the magazine looks at environmental liability, "green clauses" in property and offshore wind.

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    "Global Risk Dialogue" spring 2008
    05 May 2008

    AGCS celebrated the opening of its Nordic Region office with a cover story on the region. "Dialogue" also looked at earthquake risks in California, geothermal energy, a power plant in spain and the customer-focus initiative "Net Promoter Score".

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    "Global Risk Dialogue" pilot issue fall 2007
    05 September 2007

    We launched "Dialogue" with a cover story on mobility in China. Other stories in the new magazine featured bioenergy, pandemics, very light jets, renovating LAX, a project cargo delivery in India and employment practice liability.

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