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For knowledge sharing worldwide, features on a variety of risk topics in both the AGCS in-house media and external publications.

Editor’s pick
“There’s no turning back to the old reality”
20 February 2018

Katinka Barysch, German economist and financial commentator, and the Director of Political Affairs for Allianz SE answers questions about world events and if things can ever go back to "normal."

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    Securing oil and gas supplies
    07 April 2011

    The oil and gas sector faces major challenges in keeping up with the global demand. Read more about the risks that energy companies face.

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    Interview with Paul O'Neill on the energy market
    22 February 2011

    AGCS's Head of Energy on Deepwater Horizon and how it has changed the industry.

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    Navigating Liability Insurance: a UK perspective
    09 June 2010

    Will Morris, AGCS UK Head of Liability, reviews the liability market

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    Transport Insurance for the Luxury industry
    05 May 2010

    Tailored insurance solutions for the transport of luxury goods

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    Reinstating Buildings to Green Specifications
    20 April 2010

    Allianz and HSBC Insurance are partnering to provide clients with green reinstatement insurance. This kind of cover encourages builders to create more energy-efficient structures.

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