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Editor’s pick
“There’s no turning back to the old reality”
20 February 2018

Katinka Barysch, German economist and financial commentator, and the Director of Political Affairs for Allianz SE answers questions about world events and if things can ever go back to "normal."

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    Allianz Risk Barometer 2018: Future Risks
    16 January 2018

    Advancements in technology are changing the risk landscape irrevocably, representing both a boon and a challenge for businesses. On the one hand, technological innovation provides new ways to mitigate risk.

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    Product recall - preventing a crisis and the role of insurance
    05 December 2017

    Five steps to managing a recall and the role of financial and reputational recall protection.

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    Drivers of the product recall risk landscape
    05 December 2017

    In the past product recalls were relatively straightforward. Today, they are much more complex, with the stakes far higher – both in terms of the potential impact to a company’s profits and its reputation.

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    Product recall - Drivers and trends
    05 December 2017

    AGCS experts examine eight emerging developments in product recall risk.

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    When extreme events terrorize routine business
    01 August 2017

    How can businesses plan for the impact of the new norm of “irrational” events?

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