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Over-exposed - vineyard volatility amid a changing climate
01 August 2017

Climate disruptions are increasing in volatility throughout the world. Among one of the hardest hit is agribusiness – specifically wineries – which depend on stable soils and climatological consistency.

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    Nant de Drance - a pumped-storage power plant in the middle of a mountain
    05 December 2011

    AGCS and Allianz Suisse insure one of the most innovative power projects in the Swiss Alps.

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    Environmental protection and company liability
    29 September 2011

    Today's environmental product liability coverages are not easy to understand, particularly for international companies. AGCS Liability has now developed a new concept.

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    Offshore wind farms – pioneering work on the high seas
    06 April 2011

    European wind farms are moving offshore. AGCS is promoting international quality standards for this emerging industry.

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    Capturing Carbon Emissions
    06 April 2011

    Carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems about to enter large scale industrial use.

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    Public Good: Environmental Liability Insurance
    25 November 2010

    Expert Klaus Burkhardt explains the backgruond of environmental liability insurance and its implications for the environment in an interview with the Allianz Knowledge Site.

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