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Editor’s pick
“There’s no turning back to the old reality”
20 February 2018

Katinka Barysch, German economist and financial commentator, and the Director of Political Affairs for Allianz SE answers questions about world events and if things can ever go back to "normal."

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    Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina
    17 August 2015

    AGCS takes the opportunity to look back and analyze the key risk management lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina and the 2005 storm season.

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    Bringing the Enterprise home to New York
    16 July 2012

    AGCS Project Cargo insured the transport of the retired Space Shuttle Enterprise to its new home in New York City.

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    A ship is insured like a car
    17 January 2012

    Read an interview with Volker Bergeest, Global Head of Marine Underwriting on the most recent cruise ship accident in Italy

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    Globalization and Project Cargo
    05 October 2011

    Globalization and countries' increased investments in large infrastructure projects heighten the need - and challenges - for project cargo.

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    When a Client Runs Aground
    28 September 2009

    A marine claims manager gets an urgent call in the morning about a stranded boat. After that every second counts.

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