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Over-exposed - vineyard volatility amid a changing climate
01 August 2017

Climate disruptions are increasing in volatility throughout the world. Among one of the hardest hit is agribusiness – specifically wineries – which depend on stable soils and climatological consistency.

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    Safety considerations and regulation key to progress of autonomous vessels
    26 July 2017

    There are hopes that autonomous vessels can improve maritime safety. However, developing the technology is not the greatest challenge.

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    The cyber threat at sea – and how shipping needs to respond
    19 June 2017

    The digital era is opening up new possibilities for the maritime industry, but it is also making it increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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    After Hanjin - economic pressures continue to bite
    19 June 2017

    Crew negligence and inadequate vessel maintenance are increasing areas of risk in the current tough shipping environment.

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    Condition-based maintenance and cargo weighing regulations
    21 March 2016

    Ship maintenance has traditionally been accomplished on a set interval of planned repair. Recently, however, a move to replace this method with condition-based maintenance strategies has enjoyed a rising interest.

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    Flood Risk - Faurecia
    02 December 2015

    Flooding represents a significant risk for companies like Faurecia. The automotive equipment suppliers' sites became the pilot for AGCS' first-ever flood risk survey.

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