Marketing Brochures

Publications and brochures outlining selected AGCS services. PDF downloads available.

Editor’s pick
Professional Indemnity At A Glance
31 January 2013

AGCS Financial Lines presents our Professional Indemnity product at a glance.

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    What You Need to Know About Transportation Claims
    23 October 2012

    This Factsheet outlines how to minimize a loss and facilitate the claims process in the event of a transportation claim.

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    Yachts & Pleasurecraft brochure
    22 February 2012

    This brochure describes AGCS Hull coverage for yachts and pleasurecraft vessels.

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    Hull & Machinery folder
    05 April 2012

    This product folder, designed to be used with the various Hull, Machinery, and Marine Liabilities brochures, explains available AGCS Hull coverages.

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    Marine at a Glance fact sheet (North America)
    22 February 2012

    This fact sheet details the Marine product offerings in the North America market (57 Kb)

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    Marine Liability Insurance fact sheet
    05 April 2012

    This product fact sheet details the Marine Liability product (198 Kb)

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