Learn more about what diversity means in practice at AGCS and how our employees are benefiting from our diverse enviornment.

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    What diversity means to AGCS

    We invite you to discover what diversity actually means in practical terms to us and how AGCS employees are benefiting from it.

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    Diversity Snapshot

    This snapshot gives an overview of our current diversity and inclusion footprint.

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    Proud Sponsor of Dive In

    AGCS is proud to sponsor Dive In, the international diversity and inclusion festival for the insurance industry.

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    Diversity at Allianz - video

    Diversity at Allianz helps us understand and better serve our customers. Watch the video to learn what diversity actually means to us.

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    Diversity Week at AGCS: “Embracing Differences”

    The first Diversity Week took place in our Munich office in early October. We offer you a few highlights of the event and hope you enjoy learning more about what diversity actually means for AGCS.

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    Diversity of Minds: Reverse Mentoring Program

    Find out about the Reverse Mentoring Program at AGCS and its successful launch in the Mediterranean region.