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Allianz pioneers blockchain prototype for the captive insurance market
08 November 2017

AGCS has successfully implemented a blockchain prototype for an existing global captive insurance program of a client.

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    Allianz Teams Up with Cyence to Boost Cyber Risk Modeling and Analysis
    27 September 2017

    New agreement offers insight to complex cyber risks, as the global cyber insurance market is expected to grow exponentially.

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    Connected industries highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks and liability risks
    01 June 2016

    The current issue of Global Risk Dialogue focuses on how increasing cyber risks for utilities, networks and smart factories can be mitigated.

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    Businesses must prepare for new generation of cyber risks
    09 September 2015

    New AGCS report highlights the evolution of cyber risks beyond privacy and reputational issues.

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    AGCS Briefing Highlights Increasing Financial Impact of Weather Events
    12 June 2014

    Risk managers from FTSE 100 institutions and other major corporations gathered in London to discuss global challenges posed by the impact of climate change.

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    Allianz Cyber Protect for a secure digital corporate future
    10 July 2013

    AGCS announces its release of the new Allianz Cyber Protect insurance solution in Germany.